Introducing Custom Linings in USTYYLIT

This brief video above shows how simple it is to use your own images to create personalized custom linings in USTYYLIT. You don’t need graphic design skills to create great looking personalized linings that will make your custom garments unique and unforgettable. Upload your own images, crop or resize them, change background colors, and decide how the images will repeat across the lining surface.

How to use the Custom Lining Process

Below are some videos that will help you understand how to use the Custom Lining application that is built into USTYYLIT.

Video #1: Creating your first Custom Lining

This video above shows examples of uploading one, two or four images, and demonstrates how to easily handle images with varying sizes.

Video #2: Using a logo / image with a transparent background

This video above demonstrates how the lining application handles images with a transparent background. This is handy for creating linings with business logos.

Video #3: Get even more creative with your edited images

This video above shows how you can edit images in photoshop to remove or replace the background. The result can create more interesting looks when used in the custom lining application.

Video #4: Uploading as many as 30 images

This video above demonstrates how you can upload as many as 30 images, and how the lining application handles laying out the images.