What is USTYYLIT + STYYLcart?

USTYYLIT is a B2B end-to-end ordering and manufacturing platform for customized products. Retailers use it to place orders for customized products and track the status of their orders. Manufacturers use it to fulfill orders, update order status, and provide shipping notifications to their retailers.

STYYLcart is an online visualizer / configurator that allows retailers to dynamically modify product images and save them for sales presentations. The images can be saved to a cart, and upon checkout the result is an order placed in USTYYLIT.

Both modules are fully mobile-responsive and work on any device in landscape or portrait screen format. This makes it easy for business owners to use the platform any time, anywhere. The platform handles the transaction commerce (credit card payments) including offering various term arrangements for payment.


B2B Account Structure

USTYYLIT has a hierarchy architecture that makes it easy for business owners / managers to “impersonate” Account users below them in the structure. The following is the hierarchy structure:


> Brand

> Retailer (Shop)

> Salesperson

A manufacturer can manage an unlimited number of brands, each with its own network of B2B Retail customers. The hierarchy structure makes it easy to switch from one brand to another, making it possible to manage multiple businesses any time, anywhere, from any device.


USTYYLIT Features Overview


  • Hierarchy structure that allows business owner / management to quickly switch between manufacturer, brand and retailer accounts

  • Vendor interface for suppliers to update inventory status of materials used for manufacturing products

  • Accounting tools for managing Retailer account balances and monitoring orders in progress

  • Admin tools for setting up new Retailers, managing inventory, and creating wholesale price lists

  • Quickly create new price lists based on core price list to accommodate price considerations for special / high volume Retailers

  • Option-interaction module for quickly creating conditional logic scenarios. (choose this, can’t choose that. choose this, can only choose that)

  • Simple reporting screens that provide quick-view snapshots (today vs. yesterday, this year vs. last year, sales by sales rep, sales by shop)

  • Support Ticket (helpdesk) system built-in for optimized customer service experience and support for the company’s brands

  • Resource Library for offering help videos, important files and other miscellaneous downloads

  • Customer Support Call Log system for tracking call times and topics

  • Customize Look & Feel on a per-user basis (color scheme, background image)

  • Setup and configure product options at the brand level, instantly creating the base product offer for Retailers

  • Receive orders using 3rd party materials, with auto-notifications to 3rd parties via email to provide the required materials

  • Option Surcharge interface for assigning surcharges to options that are not included in product base pricing


  • Hierarchy structure allows retail owner to quickly switch between master and salesperson accounts

  • Place orders for customized products with highly-detailed option selections

  • Place orders for non-customized products with minimal option variants

  • Keep detailed customer info on file (contact management)

  • Place orders on hold for further review before finalizing / submission

  • Save “unfinished” orders to come back and complete at any time

  • Design pre-configured product models making customized order entry extremely efficient… “pick-and-click” once and all options are pre-selected

  • Place orders that require 3rd party materials, and third parties will receive auto-generated emails to fulfill the materials shipment for manufacturer

  • Upload own artwork to design and create personalized products on-the-fly

  • Setup multiple locations and assign salespeople to locations from one central login

  • Choose locations for shipping from any account login when placing orders

  • Quickly add Salespeople and show / hide wholesale pricing with one click

  • Setup multiple credit cards on file, and choose any card at checkout depending on need / preference

  • Upload logo / branding image to be seen in header area

  • Create a domain alias to use the platform at any domain, further strengthening the private brand appeal of the platform

  • Quickly search and view previously placed orders. Reprint / save .pdf for previously placed orders at any time

  • Retail Price Assistant (RPA) allows for instant retail price list creation based on desired markup and price rounding preferences

  • View and track incoming shipments based on status updates performed by manufacturer

  • Change the Look & Feel of the screens on a per salesperson basis. Each login can have a different look and feel


STYYLcart Features Overview

  • Choose from various “STYYLs” to change options and dynamically see a modified product image

  • STYYLs can be filtered by product category for easy viewing

  • Apply a variety of materials and colors to product images to personalize to taste

  • Save modified designs to a folder (Closet) for instant recall at any time

  • Save modified designs directly to a Cart for quick checkout (result is an order on hold in USTYYLIT)

  • Save modified designs as royalty-free .jpg images for use on websites, social media and other sharing methods (email etc)

  • Quickly recall previously styled designs with one click (select from “previous designs” list)

  • Organize storage folders (closets) by categories to filter and find designs easily

  • Create unlimited number of closets and categories

  • Save product images from Closets to a Cart when a customer wants to purchase. Then quickly checkout the cart to save an order in USTYYLIT

  • Use “design from last” feature to reconfigure a previous design on a new base template image