Introducing USTYYLIT w STYYLcart


STYYLcart introduces a Dynamic Wardrobing Platform (DWP) used to make Sales Presentations and quickly turn customer favorites into Orders in USTYYLIT (coming soon).


What’s a Dynamic Wardrobing Platform?

You’ve probably never heard of a DWP before because we invented it :) In short, it’s a tool for using swatch images to create looks we call STYYLs. You save the STYYLs in a Closet so that you can export all of the looks into to a single .PDF file. You can either do a live presentation with the .PDF file on any device, or send it to your customer for review. When he tells you what he wants to purchase, you add his favorites to a STYYLcart and Checkout. The result is an Order on hold in USTYYLIT that you can finish at any time.


So let’s say you have a customer named Glen Pearce. You haven’t seen him in a while for whatever reason. You put together some STYYLs in a Closet for him and you send him the .PDF that took just a couple of clicks to export. Below is an example .PDF that you could send Mr. Pearce.

Since you have his measurements on file in USTYYLIT, when he tells you which Jackets he wants to buy, it’s just a few mouse clicks to turn his wishes into your Placed Orders. Happy Selling!!!

What else can you do with STYYLcart images?

Just about anything you would do with any picture these days… Put them on your website, post them in your favorite Social Media platforms, or save them as your phone wallpaper background. It’s completely up to you! This video below is just one example of what you can do with STYYLcart images. Your creativity is your only limitation.

In the meantime, USTYYLIT still offers the following features.


Easy Conversions
Euro-to-Inch Size conversion displayed everywhere size selection is required

Works on virtually any size tablet, laptop or desktop computer


Create Your Own Models
Create your own default models, or edit the system's models to your preference, making order entry quicker and easier.


Order Entry
New Worksheet format makes online order entry as simple as possible


Order Suits, Jackets & Trousers all on the same ticket, saving time

Use Try-On garments and enter alterations, or provide finished Garment Measurements & Observations


 Input up to 6 items at once.  Just sold 6 suits and 12 shirts?  Put 'em in quickly

 Easy navigation that allows you go to back to any step and make changes