Schedule a 'Call with Paul'


Welcome to our new Retailer Development initiative… “Call with Paul”. Paul Rego has been with Trands USA for nearly 4 years and is our resident USTYYLIT expert. Some of you may know Paul as a technology person, but he is a Custom Clothier first and a technology person second.

You can schedule a Call with Paul to discuss a wide range of topics to help your business. From tips on fitting and measuring to using our USTYYLIT or STYYLCart software programs, Paul will be happy to answer your questions. When necessary you can get on a screen share call where Paul will share his screen with you making it easier for you to focus and learn.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

The RMA form is used for advising Customer Service that you intend to return merchandise to the Trands USA office in California. You must submit an RMA form before returning merchandise to Trands USA. After you submit the form, you will receive an email with your confirmation. You will need to print your confirmation and include it with your returned merchandise.

Lining Viewer

This page offers a quick view of all available linings in one place. It is IMPORTANT to note that the inventory levels shown on this page are NOT automatically updated when orders are placed in USTYYLIT. So you still need to refer to USTYYLIT to get up-to-date inventory levels.

The purpose of this page is to make it simple to see what linings are/were available at the time of the last update. Inventory levels will be updated monthly.

GoCreate > USTYYLIT Converter

This tool is used for converting the Fit Tools entered in GoCreate to be used for placing USTYYLIT orders. There are some minor, but important differences between GoCreate and USTYYLIT. This tool takes care of those differences for you. Simply enter the Fit Tools you used in GoCreate and you will receive an email with the USTYYLIT conversions that you can print out and reference when placing your USTYYLIT order.

If you have never used GoCreate this tool does not apply to you.

Model Setup Request

This tool is used to submit a Model Setup Request Form to Customer Service. You can find the Model Setup Request form in the ‘Guides’ section of the Resource Library. Once you have filled in your Model Setup form you use this online tool to submit your form. This will auto-trigger a support ticket for Customer Service to receive your request and get back to you to advise when the request has been fulfilled.