FAQ #1 - Do I enter a skin or finished measurement for Trouser 1/2 Seat?

Anywhere 1/2 Seat is shown for a Trouser, this means the Finished Seat divided by two.  If you provide your client's skin seat measurement divided by two, the trousers will fit too tightly over the seat.

A recommended value to add to your client's seat measurement is 2 inches (5 cm).  As you'll see in the example below, the client's skin seat measurement is 40.  40 + 2 = 42.  42 divided by 2 = 21.  So in this case, the 1/2 Seat is 21. 

If the client carries large items in his pockets or just prefers more room in general you can add 2 1/2 or 3" to his skin seat measurement.