USTYYLIT B-Form Worksheet - NEW JUNE 2019

The button above is for downloading a blank version of the new USTYYLIT B-Form Worksheet. This Worksheet is for people who are currently sending B-Forms to Customer Service. Effective July 1st, this will be the new form you will need to use.

Below is a filled-in sample of the new Worksheet to use as a guide for filling in your own orders.

Model Setup Request Form

This .pdf file can be used to request for Customer Service to setup a preset model in your USTYYLIT shop. Then you can use the model when placing orders to speed up your order entry. Once you have filled in your Form you can email a copy to Customer Service at

Alternatively you can use our new Model Setup Request Tool to snap a picture of your printed Worksheet with your phone and upload it to us. CLICK HERE to use the tool

GM 'Clean' Worksheet

This new worksheet has two pages.  Page one has a large NOTES section at the bottom for quickly jotting down Observations and any other notes while working with the client. 

Page two lists all of the observations for your reference.  When your client is gone, you can use your notes from page one to fill in the Observation details on page two.  Then you can use page two to input your order in USTYYLIT, (or send it to Customer Service to be entered if needed)