Switching from Rise to U-Rise

USTYYLIT M4U is switching from using Rise (Outseam minus Inseam) to U-Rise (Front Plus Back Rise) for GM orders.  If you currently use the 'Fit Tool' fitting method with Try-Ons, this change does NOT apply to you.  CLICK HERE to view / download a document with more specific information about this change.

Below are some things you need to know about the change, and some useful conversion tools to help switch your existing customers from Rise to U-Rise.

No More Rise in USTYYLIT

You will no longer be able to enter a Rise measurement, so it is imperative that you learn about U-Rise.  Taking a U-Rise measurement with your client is very simple and accurate.

U-Rise is actually easier than Rise

U-Rise is a very easy to measurement to collect from your client's body, and can also be obtained by adding the Front + Back Rise on an existing pair of trousers.

Copying Previous GM Orders
When you start a GM2.0 order for a repeat customer, if there wasn't a U-Rise in the previous Fit Profile, you will need to enter a U-Rise to get passed the Trouser measurement page.

Please remember that if you are already using the Fit Tool method successfully, please continue to do so.  We are not suggesting that you need to make a change.

The image below shows the difference between Rise and U-Rise.  The image on the left shows how Outseam minus Inseam only takes two vertical points and subtracts them from each other.  The image on the right shows how U-Rise takes your client's detailed shape into consideration.  Whether your client is very shapely or not, the U-Rise measurement will take the complete situation into account.  Rise does not do this.

CLICK HERE to watch a video demonstrating how to measure the U-Rise on your client's body.

CLICK HERE to watch a video demonstrating how to measure the U-Rise directly on a trouser.

If you have any questions about Rise vs. U-Rise, please contact Customer Service.